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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The best wine ever (and that's a big statement...)

Friends in excess of happiness sometimes are more intense and difficult to handle than friends in a depressive or miserable mood.
But friends in excess of happiness can also surprise you in some unexpected ways.
And if the happy friend in a celebratory mood has access to a well stocked cellar, things can get very interesting.

That's how I came across a bottle of Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru "Les Pucelles" 2004 Domaine Leflaive. Difficult to find words to describe it: it was broad, intense, massive, but at the same time mineral, fresh, elegant. The palate had direction and definition, with a toasty, nutty creaminess perfectly balanced by a citrussy acidity. It had everything and its opposite, and it all made sense. Glorious.
Every sip and every sniff was showing a new face, a new nuance. It even managed to make the lobster we were going to eat - and it was a good lobster - redundant. No big deal as lobster is also good cold...

There are lot of beautiful red wines around, cheap, expensive and anything in between. Cheap and lovely in white wines is less common, but when you cross path with a great white wine, you can reach some peaks that you wouldn't imagine. And there's no red wine that can compete.

Domaine Leflaive (not to be confused with Olivier Leflaive) produces produces probably the best white wines in Burgundy, and that's as much as I will say as you can find loads of stuff about them if you do a quick search on internet.
It's not a cheap wine; I suppose if you can find some it will be probably on the €150-180 mark per bottle, probably even more. But trust me, it is worth every penny.

Charles, thanks for sharing (even if it sounds like the end of an AA meeting)

Salute e saluti