Just to make it clear from the beginning, I SELL WINE, and I use this blog to write, promote and sell wines (imported by me or by some friends - call it the Wine Mafia...) that are original, unique, engaging and extreme, and that are available to the Irish market in such limited quantities that it would be virtually impossible to find them in shops and restaurants around the country. Here you will also find recipes, the odd restaurant review and various and variegated personal thoughts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The best wine ever (and that's a big statement...)

Friends in excess of happiness sometimes are more intense and difficult to handle than friends in a depressive or miserable mood.
But friends in excess of happiness can also surprise you in some unexpected ways.
And if the happy friend in a celebratory mood has access to a well stocked cellar, things can get very interesting.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ciro Picariello

I've never been so impressed by so many wines from a single producer. Actually, I like all their wines...
I heard about this small producer a while ago, I tried to visit them during  a recent trip to Campania. I got lost so many times that even the GPS gave up at the end.
I decided to meet them at the last Vinitaly in Verona. Much easier....